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Catrina Carter


The daughter of a real estate entrepreneur and a best-selling author and professional quilter, Catrina grew up in the rural San Diego town of Valley Center with her overachieving sister and an enormous inferiority complex.  Throughout her career in corporate training and human resources management,  the single mother honed her skills as a speaker and storyteller with a relatable, albeit self-deprecating perspective.  

Initially writing short posts and stories based on funny observations and life experiences, her odd and cynical musings quickly got the attention of a mentor who supported and guided her through the publishing of her first book The Jerk at Work.  Over a dozen publications later, Catrina admits that she finds inspiration in people she encounters every day.    

With five different series, Catrina is bound to have the perfect book to make you giggle, grin or reflect on life's awkward and awful moments.  Check out The Ugly Truth, or poke fun at underappreciated careers in the Take this Job series.  Visit Timely Rhymes for children's giggles.  Check out the News page for upcoming publications, events or scheduling information.

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